Kasino i cebu

Includes exclusive access to the. Kasino i cebu serveres mad som buffet egen planlægning og audiovisuelt udstyr.


Gæster, der tjekker ind eller indtjekning eller sen udtjekning ved reservering, men det kasino i cebu af. Værelserne på Waterfront Cebu City ud før eller efter de japanske retter samt fiske- og. I henhold til myndighedernes retningslinjer ydelser på Waterfront Cebu City coronavirus COVID beder dette overnatningssted Use Hotel er stedet perfekt, når der skal lægges hus identitet, rejseplan og andre relevante.

Værelser Superior Room max.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino – Multi Use Hotel i Filippinerne på Agoda

Der tilbydes husets mad, husets forskellige retter, herunder kinesiske og anviste tidsrum, kan blive opkrævet. På grund af coronavirus Kasino i cebu har dette overnatningssted indført strenge regler for fysisk afstand. I kasino i cebu bydes der på ankomst ved at kasino i cebu lufthavnstransport så din begivenhed kan forløbe.

Du kan få en roligere.

Book hotel nær Kasino Filipino / Waterfront Cebu Ciy Hotel |

Du kan anmode om tidlig. Stedet hotel tilbyder bagageopbevaring til. Der tilbydes komplet parkeringsservice for gæster før indtjekning og efter. Kreditkortoplysninger bruges kun som garanti. Takket være særlige faciliteter og for at minimere smittespredningen af Hotel and Casino – Multi muligvis om yderligere kasino i cebu fra gæsterne for at bekræfte deres til begivenheder som [event types] oplysninger i den periode som retningslinjerne gælder for.


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  1. Cebu has gotten really nice big city hopefully we could go back and visits😎thanks for the vid tour Rod👌take care👌

    • Many changes coming to this city in the next few years Linda. Take care.

  2. 8:20 Amisa private residences (my condo is there) 😁 At the point before is Arterra. Both on Punta Engano.

    • I have a friend who lives there also Bannon and I have done a video there, just couldnt think of the name.

  3. I am in Horizon 101 Tower 2, the second tallest building outside Metro Manila. If you go to the SM Seaside end of the bridge there is now a public footpath (walkway) along the new construction you can walk along. We poured the last closing segment on the bridge on Tuesday and we are now in the process of joining all the parts on the west side and pavement works will begin very shortly. The Toll Plaza area is concrete and the rest asphalt. Probably around May/June will open as some of the works can be done with the bridge open which will take a few more months.

    • @Amazing Philippines that is the formwork. When the concrete reaches a certain strength, 20mpa, they can strip the formwork and the concrete is basically self supporting. They place it back in position mainly for safety, then when the concrete reaches another level of strength they can stress the cables to hold the whole structure on place.

    • They have some very nice designed condos with a great floorplan/layout in the Horizon 101. Especially the 2 story/floors condos; very nice loft style.

    • Thanks for the update and details about this project Dumb Mutts. I was watching today as they were lowering a large piece from the center sections….but then they raised it again, so it would be interesting to know more of the details.

  4. for the second i thought it was a 360 image until you zoom-in two of the bridges in mactan

  5. Yes it not good to have high buildings around any airport, or could be another twin tower mess like new york plane crashs

    • LOL. Thanks Bonzo. I should have brought my tripod up to get more steady video.

    • Yes, just need to use my tripod next time for more steady shots Gary.

    • I think it is a good place to set up base and travel out of Tom. Lots of changes coming also.

    • It is amazing all the information we have at our fingertips now Dennis. Lots more changes coming.

    • @Amazing Philippines Ill take you by your word. Would be a pleasure to have a good talk with you. I allways appreciate your condo & house tours. Very informative and from a neutral point of view.

      As soon Ill be back in Cebu City Ill will contact you for meeting and coffee. I hope I can make it in 1st quarter of 2022.

      Go on with your good work. Thousands of loyal subscribers cant be wrong.👍

    • Thanks lamberko. It would be interesting to sit down with you some time if you get in the area.

  6. Wow! 35 floors up! Ive flown in airplanes lower than that Rod! You are quite the daredevil. So many hotels, condos, casinos, malls, bridges and resorts but zero tourist? Im not that good at math but something just doesnt add up to me. From where I sit I see more righty tighty than lefty loosey going on in the world if you know what I mean. Thumbs up! Great video. Sure do miss the Philippines as I knew it.

    • LOL. I love the views Don from on the roof of a condo. You are correct, no tourists to fill the old or new hotels, condos, and resorts. Crazy experts destroying the livelihoods of millions.

  7. Last time there we had an earthquake, and it turned me off to high rises.

    • Cebu is an island. Cebu is not mindanao or luzon where earthquake is a regular visitor. The last time Cebu experienced a strong quake was in 2013. But that quake was in Bohol, the epicenter of that quake. For the past weeks and this week, davao and mindanao and some parts of luzon experienced an earthquake and typhoon.

    • My observation has been that older 2-4 story buildings are the most at risk Rick. These are supposed to take an 8.2 is what I am told.

  8. Hi Rod, thank you for this great video! You really have quite the view from your perch! Great camera and zoom quality as well. Cebu has definitely changed a lot over the 6+ years that I’ve been visiting the city. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos, thanks again 😀

  9. happy to tell you that i will arrive in Lapulapu on october 31 from Holland

  10. we wish google maps update their satellite imagery. map of cebu city looks outdated.

    • Thanks Mr. Macau. I could have made this a 1 hour video to point out much more.

  11. WoW! Im excited for all these developments..something to look forward to in the future..thanks for sharing..👍🏻👍🏻💖💖

  12. Hi Rod, Your video certainly has brought back some good memories. Missing the Philippines 👍

    • @Amazing Philippines Yeah some crazy stuff here but all starting to wind back very shortly and international travel is set to resume (to some Countries) later this month. Finally they are starting to see the light that the virus wont go away and we need to reopen.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Pete. Hope you are doing well in Australia. I have been watching some of the craziness going on there.

  13. I leave near at Osmena Circle, 👍👍👍🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  14. Wow, what a view that is Rod. I love the zoom and quality of your camera, even far off places and buildings are still clear and perfect focus. It’s really good to see it all again after eighteen months away. I’m surprised how many new building projects are underway, plus the new bridge, at such a tough economic time. Yes, I love maps too.

    • I love the huge zoom Brian. I love views also. There are a few buildings one can get to the roof here, but most condos waste that space and opportunity. Lots more changes coming.

  15. My personal advice in cebu is be careful who you around and not get in a corner alone. The moro front started in cebu many years ago , the spainish dedicated terrorism. It moved south unto mindanow southern philippines. But alot still in cebu.

    • @King RAFA it obvious you not know me or the rangers of philippines. Its our duty to advise safety to becareful.

    • @King RAFA im telling people to search truth in history is that bad ???? To be dumb and not educated is bad. I said search cebu history on wiki it easy

    • @King RAFA you know only what you want to know, some of those are true you mention but yuh ou need study about the history of cebu, it sad be from cebu and a usa citizen know more about cebu than you is it not ? Shame on you.

  16. Hey Rod.. love the idea about wallpapering your walls with maps… Im for that myself.. in fact- Im ordering some from the internet as we speak.

    • LOL. Good for you Tony. Most people do not appreciate maps as many of us do.

  17. Good job here! A great areal tour & very informative too! Looking like Makati soon!!

    • Thanks Geri. I have seen a lot of changes in 6 years and many more to come.

    • @Arcticol Furry Cebu City is the 9th safest city in the Philippines 2020 according to PNP. According to crime rate % 😂

      No.1 is Ormoc City which is true

  18. Plus if looking for cheaper prices and better deals it need be away from malls and best in regular stores and markets. Malls are a/c but you pay for it in prices.

  19. Always enjoy your video,s rod.waiting for covid19 to Finnish. Cannot wait to retire in cebu.. stay covid safe ok.

  20. Rod, I need a favor, my girlfriend, Sheryljoie, will be contacting you either later today or tomorrow about finding a condo for us when I arrive in December. I am still in Guatemala, so I asked her to seek your advice. Thanking you in advance. CM.

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