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  1. Hey wasnt that guy in the audience with the moustache a contestant in one of the episodes of this show?

    • That was often observed. Past contestants must have been given free passes in the future.

  2. The early 70’s Afro hair style coming early, if you know what I mean, lol 🤪😂😈

  3. Will Rogers was born in Oologa, OK and the Will Rogers museum is in Claremore, OK.

    • His ranch from later in his career was in Claremont. Thats why the museum is there

  4. I grew up watching Groucho. Even at a young age I found him funny. My mother would giggle and laugh so hard. Those are such beautiful memories, I loved hearing her giggle and laugh. I so glad i found these funny videos. Im having fun watching.

  5. Was Groucho and his brothers names their real names? If so, why would his mother do that to them?
    Although I think the strangest first name Ive heard a mother name her son was HUSBAND! He was a big wig in the Military during WW II.
    I forgot his last name because his first name threw me for a loop, and I couldnt get over anyone doing that to a child. I figured she was mentally off in some way, and I wondered what ever happened to HER husband? It makes you wonder what is going on there.

    • No…Google the real names if the Marx Brothers …Adolph would have sought a name change, regardless.

    • @Bob Taylor
      Oh hi again. I wanted to ask you if you happen to know whether or not he survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor ? That was so horrible!!

    • @Bob Taylor
      Oh thank you so much for letting me know that, because it had me really wondering, because it was so odd. He was the only one with a first name like that, that I had ever heard of. I wonder why she didnt use it for this middle name, because it would be kinder to the kid, you know like when you are going to school and your first name is husband, wow.
      However, I knew that he was a really big deal in WW ll, and when I heard that and his first name Husband, I never forgot that because it was so strange to me.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you for filling me in on that, I really appreciate it !!!

    • Admiral Husband Kimmel, who was in command of our naval forces at Pearl Harbor. If he was Southern, the first name, Husband, is likely to have been his mothers maiden name.

  6. Im so enjoying this ! good humor, awesome character not only with a host but also guests and audience !

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    • Very young women looked older back then because they dressed and made their hair-dos after the manner of older young women in their 30s and 40s. They were more mature acting than the way a lot of todays college age kids act.

  8. There are no other things🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Oh a grand master! Shame not too fair. Showing power of random America! Chess experts. Big soldiers. Famous actors. Needing a bit of $ call groucho Marx ist honest I think.

  10. Thanks for posting – we havent laughed so hard in years!  Groucho is great. Also liked the animated DeSoto commercial.

  11. Groucho was extremely fast and witty. Amazing. The lady with the natural curly hair segment showed how different it was back then, it was intriguing and scary at the same time.

  12. Strange how young people looked so much older in those days. Was it because they had to work harder or had to take on more responsibility? Or is the human gene pool so watered-down nowadays that people are just not developing physically the way they used to? Perhaps we are evolving into something more impish? Or maybe its all the chemicals in our food. Or maybe were not smoking enough. Further study is needed on this issue. Ill look for some more episodes of You Bet Your Life. Thanks for these. Groucho rules!

    • Some of it was diet and alcohol, but most of it is that they grew up more quickly, in a society which expected them to be adult at 21, if not earlier. Also, there wasnt much in inspiring popular culture. Most Americans saw radio as its principal entertainment, and few people believed movies could be the kind of art which lasts.

      Were a visual culture now, and its killing us. When this show was made, America was a reading culture, thoughtful, and formed their opinions with some seriousness.

    • It isnt the food, chemicals, or smoking. Its very basic things.
      – They were properly educated in schools. That alone, is a big difference from what is happening now.
      – They mostly had two parents.
      – Religion was still a significant force in the lives of most people.
      – People were rightly taught to love and respect their country, not to hate it like todays sanctimonious, spoiled, self-absorbed, young people.
      – They were not as spoiled as todays youth. They most often, had to work hard and most young people performed chores.
      – They were not cynical like todays youth.
      – They certainly wouldnt have been assaulting innocent people and tearing down statues!!

      And their way looks better, doesnt it? They look brighter, happier, more mature, and more intelligent, than the average young person today.

    • As I said to someone else in this comments section who made a similar remark, younger women up until the 1970s looked older because they dressed and styled their hair in the manner of older women; and they tended to have adult-like behavior, in stark contrast to the frivolity that isnt that hard to find among modern young people.

    • I agree with you about previous generations looking much older than the average same aged individual today. Just speculation, but I think there are number of factors involved. Firstly, and most importantly, was the widespread use of smoking cigarettes. It is well established that smoking causes premature wrinkling and aging, as one can still see that today in people that smoke compared to non-smokers. During the 1950s, the percentage of men smoking cigarettes was as high as 52% and for women that percentage was about 25% (but to increase over the years). Thats half of all men in the country! Cigarettes were also unfiltered back then, so smokers inhaled a higher quantity of dangerous chemicals as well as there being more types of dangerous chemicals in cigarettes back then. Cigarette smoking is probably the single most cause of premature aging. Secondly, was the diet back then. In the 1950s and other previous decades, most people didnt know much about health and nutrition concerning their food and beverages and what particular foods and beverages were unhealthy. Most (not all) ate a very unhealthy diet of large amount of artery clogging high cholesterol meats. Many today still do that, but many do not because we know now that those foods clog the blood vessels and limits vital oxygen and nutrients to the skin and other cells causing premature aging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Thirdly, are toxins in the food and the environment and the widespread exposure to them. We had no EPA back then. So, manufacturers and many other entities were just dumping their toxic chemicals anywhere they could, mostly in the soil and waterways unbeknownst to the public which had no clue those substances were dangerous to be exposed to. Dangerous food chemicals were put in food that harmed the body…more so than today, although this is still a problem. Finally, medical knowledge and technology was much more limited back then, and I think that has a role as well. Especially, with prenatal and through the childhood years.

  13. Man thats a scary thought,speaker of the house of representatives is next in line ,can you imagine nasty nancy pelosi as speaker of the house .Makes me shudder.I would love to see Groucho as speaker of the house.

  14. De soto! Wow fakeshow? groucho and some contestants are honest. Rest is really bad show!

    • DeSoto you know who he was? Do you know the names of the five Chrysler Corporation cars?
      Do you know the definition of the word fake?
      You have a huge DEARTH of logic and knowledge.

  15. I forget the details now, but all of the films of this show almost got thrown out. As I remember it, Groucho had a relative who happened to answer the phone at Grouchos house and somebody at NBC called and gave the option to save them or throw them out…that day!

  16. Thats an old 25 too,…
    Back then, did people tend to look 10 years older by current standards as of 2013?
    No surgery having been done with this current frame reference being used.

    • @Michael Danello My mother would agree. I was trying to enlighten those who labor under the misconception that Groucho had a brilliant comedic mind., when he was borrowing someone elses

  17. From childhood,I still love the old Marx Brothers movie.Groucho had THE quickest wit😉

    • His birth name was Bernard Schwartz. And what the hell are you talking about when you say crooked tv ?

  18. Huge fan of Tony Curtis, his daughter and his ex wife. Know a lady with hair like that. Ha! Sheep hair. Sheep looks like the lady I know!

  19. Fifi the sheep headed girl had stories to tell, her family background is one.

  20. It was worse in 80s. More racism, or groucho is just not one bit racist! 80s tv is more shocking than this. When he makes lewd comments he shakes his head himself like hes went too far! But really nothing compared to 80s tv. Downhill from then then 2020 real fake year. Billions becoming problematic. Covid will sort £ to me hungry Gates and others! Rose talking normal 60s chat. No 60 again? Strange groucho keeping the riles? Or starting then thinking about what flem was pouring out! Powerful guy!

  21. Seems to be many rich powerful people on this show? Was it get on TV steal 2500 dollars? Strange. Oh you done Roosevelt ? Rare to random hit such famous! Was corrupt clearly. Not sure marx knew as oh surprise as the guy after general food was in. Seems like if famous was bit get on if you need a bung? Too many famous to be random

  22. Sylvias pissed, she didnt get a word in to bet an amount or answer a question.

  23. His show is always fun to watch and has some funny people, but the gentleman at 1:04:10 is truly unique.

  24. I went to P.S. 86 on 86 street in NYC, the same school Groucho went to 60 years earlier. 

  25. amazing how well our public schools worked back in the day, even my right wing parents believed in a good public school system, unfortunately its been under attack by right wingers for 50 years now, and now theyve decided to bury college kids in massive debt… college was practically free in this era… trumps betsy devos is one sinister public school wrecker, soon going to college will be only for the privileged, not a good future selling your kids education down the river like that, greedy self centered psychotic right wing america.

    • @tomitstube
      You have no argument. Just a crazy person. Go to bed.

    • @Rasputan Rasputan not on meds. but i see what youre doing, its called an ad hominem fallacy argument, you cant argue against the merit of my comment so you attack my character instead, or my mental health, whatever that was. id say nice try but it wasnt.

  26. Mr Albert Hall at 1:04 had eyes and facial expressions that were unique, to put it mildly. Dont miss this

  27. That was Tony Curtis mother wow! Fifi Fifi the sheep headed girl, I bet you she was sexy when she was younger

  28. Its interesting to see the poor quality of the clothes these people wore…

  29. The jokes were corny but hilarious anyway. So good to see these programs I grew up watching.

  30. 32:01…whats the word Groucho uses to describe Mrs Curtis character? (typicity)

    • The word terpsichore was the name of the Greek Muse of dance and the chorus. There were nine Muses. The Muse of singing was Euterpe.

      Frank Sinatras title song for the album Come Dance with Me had a lyric written by Sammy Cahn that took liberty with the pronunciation Come on cutes, put on your dancing boots, come dance with me. What an evening for, some terpsichore… turning the four syllable name of the Muse into a three syllable one to rhyme with for

    • You had to wait 2 years, but the word was terpsichore (because of her singing).

  31. 19. She looked 30.

    Time do s move faster these days.

    And he’s 25. He easily looked 35 or more.

    • Odds are, Jamie Lee is already years older now than her grandmother was on this program, but modern life has certainly helped people weather the aging process better!

  32. I love the Marx Brothers especially Groucho, one of the best comedians ever, he is a legend there is a club named after him in London

  33. I once shot an elephant in my pajamas… How he got in my pajamas, Ill never know! 👍

  34. In what country do you find *the* pyramids? (as if there were only one country with pyramids)

  35. Maðurinn minn hefur verið svo þrjóskur og neitar alltaf að hlusta á það sem ég segi alltaf. Þetta fær mig alltaf til að vera reiður og líða illa og vanræktur. þegar ég rakst á *babatrust_* á Instagram sem er stafsetningarmaður, sagði hann mér hvað ég ætti að gera og ég gerði það. Það var eins og töfra þegar maðurinn minn byrjar að hlusta á mig og elska mig meira en áður. Ég þakka babatrust_. Hafðu samband við hann ef þú hefur svipaðar aðstæður. hann er mjög góður og áreiðanlegur.

  36. The sheep headed girl and Al the Printers Devil make this compilation outstanding.  Thank you.

  37. Saya tak pernah tengok cerita ni …
    Saya pernah tengok kat dalam cerita Mr Bean je ….

    Saya dah lama cari cerita ni tapi tak jumpa ….

    Akhir nya dapat jumpa cerita ni jugak

    Daripada : mr Aquarium 😉

  38. I dont know what year this was.
    But; $1.00 in 1960 had the purchasing power of $9.24 in 2021 dollars.
    A win of $440 equals $4065.60

  39. the show is called You Bet Your Life and was on for 11 seasons, plus on radio before that

  40. Groucho could get along with anyone. He could make anyone laugh, too. He was funny all the time. Any time he talked he was being funny. I learned my humor from him. His schtick is a part of me. The other person was Red Skelton. Loved Groucho and his brother Zeppo, Harpo and Gummo. All of them were so comical.

    • Since you werent a personal friend of any of the Marx Brothers oh, how could you have loved for gummo? He wasnt in any of the movies so you would have to have known him personally

  41. They always have such interesting people on this show. Even today, they would stand out, although, not as much as back then.

  42. 56:42 Does that animated guy say, Groucho sent me to take a nudie photo…? WTH is he singing?

  43. Is it me, or there was some heavy innuendo-laden remarks by Groucho in this one? 

  44. $2,500 grand prize wouldve bought you a nice decent brand new car back then.

  45. His brand of humor would be canceled in two seconds in today’s culture.

    • @Robert Walker: I love Groucho’s humor, my comment was about today’s over sensitive culture

    • @Keith Hyttinen: Groucho was very crass when it came to gender and race. Cancel culture would’ve never have tolerated it

  46. They look soo much older than people today

    He looks like 40.
    And she looks like 30 or so

  47. Im struck by the significant difference between the young people in the show, as compared to the average young person of today. In fact, the demeanor of every person in the show, was notably different from that of the average contemporary person.

    There were at least two 18 year old women in the episodes of the show that are presented in this clip. They were so much more mature, intelligent, attractive, and grounded, than the average 18 year old women that I see today. They were already women at the age of 18. The differences are striking and I think its sad. Society has deteriorated so much!

    • Its true. And alot seem almost criminal. They are out of shape and rude. Tattoos, green hair. Weird society.

  48. I’m so amazed that even today I understood most if not all of the jokes. No one matches Marx’s wit I mean Jesus Christ it’s fast!!!

  49. Maðurinn minn hefur verið svo þrjóskur og neitar alltaf að hlusta á það sem ég segi alltaf. Þetta fær mig alltaf til að vera reiður og líða illa og vanræktur. þegar ég rakst á *babatrust_* á Instagram sem er stafsetningarmaður, sagði hann mér hvað ég ætti að gera og ég gerði það. Það var eins og töfra þegar maðurinn minn byrjar að hlusta á mig og elska mig meira en áður. Ég þakka babatrust_. Hafðu samband við hann ef þú hefur svipaðar aðstæður. hann er mjög góður og áreiðanlegur.

  50. That Desoto had a Spear sticking out of the dash to stab you if you were knocked forward in a wreck.

  51. Dont know what they used fir the translation…….Absolute trash!

    • Groucho is no racist most people were prejudiced because American system allowed in the past communist was first to throw away racist behavior

  52. That latin guy from Nicaragua is so blunt and straight with his answers and so honest that it makes it hilarious!

  53. Yuk it up Groucho! Them Democraps should always pose for us artists. It would be a safe bet that they keep their mouths closed!

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