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  1. Barbarian don’t have that resistance problem as it is part of the passive skills.

  2. you forgot to talk about how to handle the dolls and the fire enchanted monsters haha

  3. Also remember to watch monsters attacks/casts and attack them right after they attack and are on cooldown. Like enemies who breathe fire, they are dangerous, so deal your damage in the window after they breathe fire by baiting the fire out of them.

  4. I only got Raven Frost during my playthrough Nightmare I didnt grind with Amazon and I think it saved my HC solo runs multiple times now in hell. I hate farmin for uniques 3 TIMES GOT Wall of the Eyeless… 3 TIMES in a span of 3 days from Bhaal, Council and some random mobs!!! this doesnt help my bow at all…

  5. Act v 4 nightmare atm.. I was getting my butt kicker up to that point. Hell gonna own me

  6. They fact that I need to pay $60 for a game i can download and play for free is just crazy

  7. I like the first thing you brought up was attack rating and clvl. A major major mechanic that is overlooked or people are unaware how important it is

  8. I know this video doesnt cover exact details and tell you everything to do, because its very hard to do that for this. The standard pieces are:
    1. Level up. Be at least low to mid level 60 if not higher
    2. Have items farmed up from Mephisto/Chaos/Cows/Pindle/Etc. Life, resists, FCR, FHR, IAS, FRW. You can die very easily in Hell without these
    3. Do not engage monsters in the same way. Learn to kite and position yourself in doorways and abuse monster AI so you only fight a few at at time
    4. Avoid immunities you cant fight. You will encounter some and you can either run past them or use a Mercenary (Who is Merc bugged. Video in description) to fight them slowly to progress through dangerous areas.

    • The avoid immunities doesnt always work. I had two boss packs spawn with lightning immunity next to Andariel, as a Javazon. Couldnt break them with lower resist and didnt have Infinity.

    • Definitely spent my d2 days being rushed then just farming cows, chaos and baal runs.
      Definitely a different game playing with some type of understanding

    • @KiwiStyle the blowgun guys in the flayer jungle would have to be the most annoying.

    • So I am guessing Gold wrap and nagel ring are probably not good items to use for hell mode? I would guess they would be good for farming then for nightmare?

  9. I hate doing the council on any difficulty level with the idiots who insist in rushing into their midst. By running back and forth between their house and the center of town, you can draw them out one at a time and paste them with little difficulty.

  10. I just cleared Act 1 on hell, did some Andariel runs after. But gear to upgrade my char doesnt seem to drop. I am also looking for a Lo rune to complete insight, but also no luck. Should i Farm some Andariel or continue in act 2. I am level 73 atm.

    • I remember if you look up Diablo 2 loot table you could find some lists.

  11. I feel like a lot of the proverbial Diablo 2 advice is a bit misleading for new players. You dont need 1600 hp, and running around as a mele class with a 50% hit rate is bad news. For example, even if min max a skill that doesnt require hit rate as soon as you run into an imune mob you cant even bonk them so you just run.

  12. I have never beatem hell in 20 years of playing. I just dont find hell enjoyable to play

  13. Hell was super easy. I played fire sorceress. Just max out my firewall and fire mastery. I focus on killing non-fire immune mobs. Leaves the rest to my party.

  14. I just recently remembered that this game exists. Decided to play it again since I had no Idea what I was doing when I was a kid. Had a fun and easy enough time through Normal with a Hammerdin (seemed like a good noob friendly class idk). But MY GOD the Nightmare Act 3 dolls make me not want to touch the game ever again. Sucks, because I HAVE to run into them since Im doing Meph runs atm to gear up and stuff. I HATE these fuckers. I dunno in what world are they considered fair and well designed. I barely even feel the other mobs up to that point in Nightmare, but the dolls are some next level bullshit. Need. Help.

  15. I´m now Paladin level 44 and searching for Andariel in the prision. No wonder why everything was so difficult. Guess i´ll level up a bit before engaging Andariel

  16. MrLlama How do i get to hell?
    Me: Its easy you just Sin

    Great guide btw much love

  17. So, how do you handle bosses with dual immunities? Re-roll another game?

  18. I did solo every quests so far on Hammerdin, Blizz sorc and Trapssin. I didn’t find Hell that much difficult, most likely because I watched your Let’s play guides a year ago. My hammerdin went in Hell at L57 and Act 1 was rough. I elected to switch Stealth for Smoke and my res were now maxed out (fire res was at 85%). The game became very manageable. I could handle souls, but my tips would be “if you see Dolls, save and quit”. If you have Souls+Snake+Deathlord, save and quit. For completing quests with cold and lightning immunes, drag small packs and have a merc with insight with a Partizan or higher base, let him be a baller. With sorc telekinesis the immune mob and trapsin mind blast. Hammerdin should destroy everything, except Baal wave 2 which 1 point in redemption to clear the Ice Mages corpses, then 1 point in Fanatism + Holy Bolt your merc and voilà, you have 3 chars done. Special thanks to having Spirit swords that are OP and Paladin have Spirit shield too (couldn’t find a white monarch yet for trapssin and blizz sorc). Just skip zones with a lot of immunes to your damage type by running and teleport staff. I’m now early nightmare with summon necro and javazon. Good guide MrLlama.

  19. i remember my first time playing through hell. my god it was hard, not knowing anything about the game at all. my res were trash and still got to WSK 2 were i faced lightning inmune and my life was over xD

  20. Are there quests in hell some classes just can’t do? Rmb act 5 NM on my amazon, saving anya. There were alot of cold immunes in that cave, recently starter to lvl a blizz sorc. Can I not do this quest/place as a blizz sorc or do I just try to run past everything?

    • You can save anya without having to kill anything. Just talk to her, portal to town back to get the potion and save her. You dont have to kill any of the mobs. I recommend buying a teleport staff from a vendor and putting it on weapon switch to tele past mobs.

  21. I just stack beers in the fridge and get a huge bag of buddha. (:

  22. I find the easiest way to farm nightmare/hell mephisto in the beginning is to make a Firewall sorc. He cant hurt from beyond the moat, You can kill him quickly with no gear at level 60, Warmth is the main synergy for Firewall so it really helps with mana to have that maxed. On PD2 the Moat trick doesnt work, but you can simply make your sorc MaxBlock with a Stormshield or Whistans Guard, telestomp mephisto and he uses physical swipes instead of lightning and your firewall will kill him before he kills you. Once you get some better gear you can respec to something easier to use and more versatile than firewall.

  23. So, you say you killed Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo AND Baal??? Man is there anything that can stop you? Yeah… you know the zombies outside of the rogue village? They are impossible to kill, even though even the hell brothers could not resist my blizzards. Such an immersive an playful idea they had at Blizzard…

    • NVM I just noticed that these are from offline Characters, so they are probably ported saves.

  24. When you take a moment to look at todays cultural ideals which reject God, and then you see this headline:
    How to be prepared for hell
    xD just got a giggle out of this d:

  25. MrLlamaSC, I need advice. I have just beaten nightmare Baal with a lvl 60 Tesladin. I have entered hell and I am struggling to kill anything. I have tried farming runes in nightmare to get better gear. I have Black mace runeword. Rhyme shield (cannot get anything better at the moment). I cant get any better armour than Stealth runeword (in a high lvl defence armour) due to not being able to get enough runes to make a Smoke runeword. Lore helm.
    On top of all of this my Holy shock build is falling off big time due to the amount of lightning immunes I keep bumping into. My follower cant stay alive long enough to help.
    Im wondering would a respec into a zeal/Fant help or would that be a waste of a respec?

  26. Funny. This is how I have naturally played but felt that I should be more gung-ho about it and I always get obliterated. Go with your gut. Got it. Great tips. Can’t wait to get back in tomorrow.

  27. Just reached hardcore hell.. Most resistances are +-50% (after reductions) and am level 61. My merc went down instantly, I went through my potions not much longer (yet, I live! :P). But hell this scares me so much more than on softcore..

    Thanks for the guide though! Your guides helped me on my first hammerdin as well 🙂 (which is the char Im playing now)

  28. Most of us doesnt have any torch, anni or GC skills.. you just make it look easy but its not really when youre limited.

  29. I guess I always quit once I hit hell. Just had my easiest Nightmare ever. Fuck Hell! Trash mobs should not be immune.

    • Ha I generally get to that point too! Progressing through nightmare is so fun and fast, sucks the life out of a character when you need to quest-free run through NM again and again

  30. Thank you for this video MrLlama, I got a shock when I got to Hell and started getting whooped. Your guide has given me a direction I can take my Paladin. 😃

  31. The Maggot Lair is absolut cancer on Hell difficulty, especially for a summoner necro! God i hated that part. 🤣

  32. What pisses me right now with my blizz sorc is that I forgot that the countess and her minions on hell are cold immunes 😀

    Im now trying to choose between leveling a second sorc with a lightning spec to do the countess rune farming or just teleport ahead to lower kurast and farm runes there…

  33. You mention farming Mephisto, do you think Blizzard should restore all the removed council member minions in there to make the game more challenging again? With all their heals that place was great fun pre-nerf, and farmers can just skip them if they just want Meph kills.

    • Arent there at least 5-6 council members in mephistos level? Cause there definitely are

  34. Telling me to go past the immunes makes perfect sense, but Im such a sucker for feeling the need to kill everything, so even on my Fire Sorc I spec into blizzard, and also for any cold+fire immunes I zap them to 50% hp and let my follower (who is always with me) finish them off. Sure its slow, sure its inefficient, sure Im a fool for doing this, but it must be some sort of OCD that I just have to clear them.

  35. Ive looked for details to no avail. Does the character screen still lie?

  36. How do you farm Hell Countess as Meteorb though? Rely on the Merc?
    Also, which swords can be used for Spirit? I made one and it turned into a 2hander. Are there only a few swords that stay 1handed?

    • You can do spirit on a broad sword or a crystal sword. Both one handers. With crystal sword you have to be lucky to get 4os, but with broad sword you can use socket quest on it to get the 4os.

  37. My frost sorc has 140 mf. So far Ive done 1k meph runs on nightmare and He drop only trangs gloves and waterwalks. I am pist off with him. Only positive thing about it is, that I gaind about 25 lvl only farming him.

  38. Ive been having alot of nightmares since i started nightmare difficulty.
    I really dont wanna go to hell

  39. Early runewords are usually way stronger than uniques and set items. Stealth, Rhyme, Ancients Pledge, Lore, Leaf, Insight, even Honor are powerful and cheap and can be used all the way through Hell.

  40. Do you have a guide for hardcore on hell difficulty? I seem to always struggle there apart from obviously trying to get aa much res as possible

  41. Physical immunes are the worst for me. Sure just avoid them. Id rather kill them but on some characters I just cant, so I just move on.

  42. Just finished NM. Just dropped a Skin of the vipermagi on my 10th Nm mephisto run! Going to replace my Stealth armor, but now have to find some good boots, because mine doesn’t have any walking speed 😩

  43. I liked your videos. Im new to Diablo 2 and Im finding your videos very helpful.

  44. As an Assassin main who never min-maxed, the ultimate challenge of Diablo II single player is the Rite of Passage quest in Act 5. All my efforts are geared towards THAT particular fight. I dunno if that changes this time around with guides all over the place.

  45. If he crashed or connection interrupted while dropping gear that be sad.

    My sorceress has 75 all resist however Im lightning and struggling lol…

    • apply the way he played with the amazon to your sorc, also.. i wouldnt touch lightning builds till after i get my merc an infinity

  46. I just bricked my offline paladin…

    I was trying to Respec him, and did a shift left click on strength stat… FML

  47. 19:13 Fight the mobs that you can..
    Proceeds to run around the map for 5 minutes realizing everything is immune 🤣

  48. Even tho I love DIablo 2 sadly hell difficulty is just dumb and not fun at all. Sure first act is very easy, buuut maggot lair is pretty much the very definition why this difficulty is so bad. In my current playthrough my assassin with lightning traps just cant do anything in act 3 thanks to all the immunes. Running also is pointless because once I hit dead end Im also dead. TP staff? No because you can easly jump into group of mobs and die or waste huge amount of money to tp entire jungle.
    I wish I can see developers team back in 2000 playing on this difficulty…
    Thats only my opinion. I managed to finish this game on hell with my druid and necro years years ago, but just cant with some other classes.

    And thank you so much mrllamasc for your amazing work on twitch and youtube!

  49. I love how going over spirit you didnt even mention the 55 fhr, its so strong hahaha

  50. I just got to hell first time, my merc died to first zombie insta dead…….and since all were cold immune, I couldnt eve ndo anything as blizzard sorc…so I was like lets go back 😀

  51. When I got to nightmare I hung around act 1 for awhile doing some Andy and countess runs, it really helps out by levelling you and getting some gear drops. Being able to make lore, stealth, insight, spirit etc etc

  52. Just run past them you make it look easy using your Amazon with 1700 hp and insane W/R. no one getting into Hell has that.

  53. hi there, have everyone try this build? I think its really efficient and instant kill with less effort, heres my build :

    Zealot paladin (still lvl 70) with dual dream setup

    merchenary ACT 1 equiped with ICE weapon runeword, dream runeword helm, and resistance armor

    I use zeal as my main skill and conviction aura as my active aura, my holyshock comes from dual dream, and best part is my merchenary use holyfreeze and holyshock also as active aura, and its really fun, just walking without even use zeal and instant kill surrounding enemy

  54. As a OG d2 player I gotta say that immunities were the dumbest thing that blizzard introduced to diablo2 back in 1.10 or whatever. It created a game mechanic where the best way to defeat it was to not play against it. Before the immunities it was fun to play on any map. After, you had to play the maps that your build could tackle and it just killed a lot of the fun imo. Terrible game design.

  55. I played the original for years and I fall into the category you spoke of – I was rushed and given amazing gear by my friend who played the game before me and we just totally roflstomped the whole thing for shits and giggles. Now Im playing resurrected alone and Im like holy SHIT…this is frustrating!! lol

  56. I dont know if running around immune mobs is a good advice for newbies. Youll have to deal with a lot of ifs: if you have a good faster run/walk, if you have good fast hit recovery, if you have good block, etc. I think what lhama did come with experience.

    I would sugest to take the safe route and make a double elemental character. He could have some points into freezing arrow / ice arrow and take it slowly and killing almost everything.

  57. D2 a much older game seems to be much more deep than D3. Praying for a good D4 🙏

  58. If your inventory is full of tomes and charms and stuff to improve all your stats, how would you pick up all the stuff that drops from Hell Mephisto? 😛

  59. Wow, how youve grown. Watching your old stuff that doesnt have 100k views to this day. This video has 100k in one day.

  60. Ill go to hell at 49 – That phrase taken out of context is hilarious

  61. Thank you for this guide. I thought I was ready for hell as a level 60 trap assassin and was immediately thwarted by their high resistance and my low resistance.

  62. What about Hardcore ? you should not run , therefore you cant avoid, please give us some Hardcore content

  63. The way llamasc talks I feel like I’m in a community college mandatory math class with a professor that’s really chill and is just gonna pass everyone anyway lmao

  64. I’ll help you, play the cookie cutter play styles. That’s all you need to do.

  65. great, I usually sell these charms fml why did I just come upon this vid 🙁

  66. I cant help but think that game heavily favors caster. It is far more easier to get caster +1-3 equipment than getting proper meele weapons. I mean my buddy with his lvl 60 ama throws just some spears there and gets tons of kills and my barb frenzy struggles to get proper equipment, yet alone killing stuff.

  67. I always have more than one damage type available before going into hell, e.g. A good merc can give casters access to lots of physical damage. Most melee characters can access elemental damage types. Helps with the immunes.

    Melee characters need to MAX out their damage going into hell, because everything is tanky as f*** and if youre doing little hits youll need to repair your weapon incredibly frequently. My first venture into hell on a melee character was a fury druid and I was literally heading back to repair every 2 minutes. I was just using Aldurs with +speed runes and the damage just wasnt enough, so I switched to a big 2-hander in the end.

  68. what is so good about the bloodfist gloves so you play with them on Hell ?? I picked up those on my first run on normal level 20 something…

  69. MrLlama! MrLlama! Can you PLEASE make a video on common hardcore mistakes or tricky places / packs / situations you have to watch out for or avoid when a noob? I died yesterday on my lvl60 HolyFreeze Paly while opening seals at Diablo’s crib on Nightmare. There’s one pack that spawns between you and your escape route and I constantly struggle there. There are probably more places / situations like this one and it would be great to sum it up in a video. Cheers! Ps love your content mate, keep it up because d2 is my game of choice and I’m thrilled to be back in action.

    • I’m just suggesting there are a lot of new / returning players who don’t really know the strings (myself included) and it would be much appreciated to give em a hand in their HC adventures. I just cant go back to normal mode unfortunately because HC is simply too addicting when you try it once xdd D2R is a great opportunity to release an updated or simply dedicated HC guide summary video. Peace!

    • One more thing, when I’m struggling to cover some resistance for a certain boss I end up chugging frost potions on Duriel or antidotes on Andariel fight. It gives a decent +50 res for 30 seconds so 3 pots on a belt are often enough for a fast boss fight.

    • This video kind of scratches the surface but there are surely some fixed packs and situations where ppl often make mistakes or simply are not prepared for what’s coming. It would save lives man, literally xddd

    • Next matter not all players are aware of is that running lowers your defenses to absolute crap so often running away from a pack can be the worst way to survive a shitty situation, especially when you’re being heavily surrounded. Switching to walk instead and charging away might work better. Oh you know what I mean, MrLlama, you’ve been places xddd

    • Another example would be the mother hugging Undead Stygian Dolls which are the meta boss of hardcore play throughs. Tiny bastards that killed more unfortunate hc homies than any boss up to date.

  70. Just got to hell on my hc necro. Will keep farming NM a bit longer though. My merc is pimped but I feel squishy. Any good summoner farming route? Finding nm mephisto is a slog.

  71. I havent got to hell yet, but I hope theyve nerfed multishot lightning enchanted monsters.

  72. This game just came out and you practically have godly loot . Aren’t you going to get bored ? How don’t you ever get bored ???

  73. I am playing as necro summoner. Does faster run walk really matter? Feel like i am just mostly staying back to summon plus corpse explosion and curses

  74. I just finished NM with my Summoner Necro at lvl 59… my resistances are all negative haha. All I have thats good is my one Spirit crystal sword. Im here because I know Im not ready for Hell haha. I also need to stop vendoring all my charms.

  75. The immunity thing i thought was so lame it wasnt challenging it was boring i was trap assassin an the entire hell act 2 and 3 i was jus running by all the lightning immunes i almost fell asleep im like what the heck is this crap so glad i grinded xp just to not be able to kill anything an run by it. I guess maybe thats how they thought they would make it hard but it wasnt hard at all it killed my enthusiasm toward the game im like do i want to try a new class just to have to run by everything later?

  76. So just keep farming untill I get good gear? Cause I been farming day in day out on hell with no good drops at all running Ancient tunnels and hell Andy and LK chests

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